The annual Maryland Sweet 16 chess tournament has begun today at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) with the first two rounds out of four. Apparently this tournament started in 1991. Currently, this tournament is held as a separate section of the Alvin S Mintzes UMBC Open.

The scores after the first two rounds:

2.0 - Charles Yang, Ramanuja Sreenivasan, Jeffrey Chang, Ronald Best Jr

1.0 - Jake Koenig, Zachary Jablow, Janathan Chen, Saketh Papaiahgari, Madeline Kim, Jerry Wu, Dobrynya Konoplev, Jason Zou

0.0 - Bendeguz Offertaler, Devon Campbell, Alex Li, Jordan Best


The field of 16 was complete after last Saturday's MCA scholastic tournament at Liberty Christian with Jake Koenig filling in for David Snyder.

The players this year are

Jordan Best (3rd grade - Baltimore City)

Ronald Best, Jr (7th grade - Baltimore City)

Devon Campbell (8th greade - Baltimore City)

Jeffrey Chang (7th grade - Montgomery County)

Jonathan Chen ( grade - Montgomery County)

Zachary Jablow (6th grade - Baltimore County)

Jake Koenig (11th grade - Montgomery County)

Madeline Kim (8th grade - Baltimore City)

Alex Li (7th grade - Montgomery County)

Dobrynaya Konoplev (10th grade - Howard County)

Bendeguz Offertaler (8th grade - Montgomery County)

Saketh Papaiahgari (9th grade - Baltimore County)

Ramanuja Sreenivasan (7th grade - Montgomery County)

Jerry Wu (grade - County)

Charles Yang (10th grade - Montgomery County)

Jason Zou (7th grade - Howard County)