In a survey given to participants at the end of the 53rd Annual Baltimore Open, the event earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82.5%. This high level of satisfaction rivals some of the most well respected companies (Apple - Laptop = 76%, Dillards 75%, Amazon 69%. See more examples). The Net promoter score is the percentage of people who answer 9 or 10 to the question "Would you recommend this tournament to your friends?" minus the number who gave an answer of 6 or below.
Highly Likely 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Not at all likely


Note that my comments that address some of the comments are in italtics after the comment - Mike Regan

2. If you didn't answer with a 10 to question #1, what would it take for you to change your answer to a 10?
The hotel provided better-than-good-enough amenities, and I like the refreshments they provided, MCA paid the hotel for the food but it's out in the middle of nowhere. I'm here for chess, of course, but I like to go to tourneys that are within walking distance of bars and cafes.
Text update was wrong once, not too big of a deal. I maily just didn't do too well. So I'd reccommend highly for solid competion but not for easy wins. Also, I live in RIchmond, so it is out of the way.
Not much, I just don't have may chess playing friends.
Closer to Northern VA.
Do payouts fbased on what place you finish, note score or have bonus for 1st place. The was a bonus for sole 1st
Add another round or two
Higher prizes
Better lighting in tournament room
More skittle space
More time for primary time control; like 2 hours for 40 moves.
More games
Smaller increment
It is not spacious. There is not much space to walk.

3. What do we do better than other tournaments?

provide equipment x 8
score based prizes x 7
friendly atmosphere x 7
breakfast x 6
start on time x 6
text and email pairings x 6
venue x 5
early pairings x 4
well organized x 4
wood boards x 3
provide clocks x 3
live standings x 3
good lighting x 2
time between rounds x 2
time control x 2
good temperature x 2
live games in skittles room
30 second increment
DGT clocks
TDs knowledgeable
available TDs
cash prizes
discount for staying at hotel
equipment provided
excellent TDs
faster online updates
good cash prizes
good projection software
good quaility
good stuff
just about everything
nicer boards and pieces
playing conditions
quicker prize awards
tournament finishes fast

4. What do we do worse than other tounaments?
Nothing x 14
Prizes x 2
30 second increment can delay the next round
No accomodation for seniors
Prizes for biggest upset
Only 5 rounds in three days
Have super long games
Email of pairings late
No texting of pairings on round
Not much discipline towards people whose phones go off
Online signup was tricky. It looked like butterfly ballot
Announcements at the beginning of the final round (Ex. thank you for coming , next event) There was a game going on when most sections started their final round. You only five rounds, as opposed to other tournaments as large as this which have 6 or 7.
Less games
Provide minearl water and coffee at all times.

5. What would you like us to change?
Split sections into different rooms
Higher prizes x 2
More games
I would like a lecture by a GM. The lecture could be before the 1st round.
Location - closer to Metro Washington
Have a best attack/best upset per round award
I would like you to add a round or two, because that way you can attract more people with the assurance that they will get to play 6 or 7 serious games of chess.
30 second increment is too long, though better than 5/10 second delay. Maybe 10 or 15 second increment.
Provid clocks for all sections
Make sure the door to the playing area do not creak
Nothing really, perhaps include round time with text and email.
Just letting players know the result by sending SMS
More skittles space
More Rockville tourneys!
Better prizes for winners
30 second increment can make games take too long!
Have late check-out option
The time control for 3-day and round 4-5
Fine as is
Change time control to G/120 with 30 second increment
Same time control for round 1 or at least G/120 with 30 second increment.
Increments aren't necessary, delays are better
Have maintenance clean restrooms either 1 hour before round or 2 hours after
Have rounds start at the same time across all sections, (for U1000 people) Accomadate Seniors
The score based system is nice, but seems like there's something missing (ties, etc)Ties don't affect the payout
Pay at the 3.0 level for the U1900