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By Chris Y Kim

Sunday, March 8, 2015 - updated with some Round 3 results (13:55)

University of Maryland, Baltimore County [Baltimore, MD]

The first day of the 2015 Maryland Sweet 16 has come to an end, and there are still 4 players with a perfect 2-0 record: Sahil Sinha, Arthur Tang, Alexander Davydov, and Andrew Mao.

Round 3 (out of 4) starts tomorrow morning at 10:30AM (note Daylight Saving Time goes into effect tonight!), and we will see if the leaders pull further ahead or let the 1-1 players back into the hunt. Note that if there is a tie for first, then there will be a playoff with the format dependent on the number of players involved. 

Round 3 Pairings: (White listed first)

Board 1: Sahil Sinha vs Alexander Davydov 1/2

Board 2: Andrew Mao vs Arthur Tang 1-0

Board 3: Dennis Norman vs Pieter Heesters 1/2

Board 4: Richard Tan vs Douglas Malcolm 0-1

Board 5: Ronald Best Jr vs Justin Hung

Board 6: Ali Merchant vs Justin Hontz

Board 7: Vinay Veluvolu vs Benjamin Hung 1/2

Board 8: Bijan Tahmassebi vs Nathan Janus 1/2


Brief Standings (in tiebreak order):

2.0: Sahil Sinha, Arthur Tang, Alexander Davydov, Andrew Mao

1.0: Dennis Norman, Justin Hung, Ronald Best Jr, Douglas Malcolm, Richard Tan, Pieter Heesters, Ali Merchant

0.5: Justin Hontz, Benjamin Hung

0.0: Nathan Janus, Vinay Veluvolu, Bijan Tahmassebi


Round 2 results: Malcolm 0-1 Sinha; Tang 1-0 Best; Norman 0-1 Davydov; Heesters 1-0 Veluvolu; Hung J 0-1 Mao; Tan 1-0 Bahmassibi; Hung B 0.5-0.5 Hontz; Janus 0-1 Merchant

Round 1 results: Sinha 1-0 Tan; Hontz 0-1 Tang; Davydov 1-0 Janus; Hung J 1-0 Heesters; Mao 1-0 Veluvolu; Tahmassebi 0-1 Malcolm; Best 1-0 Hung B; Merchant 0-1 Norman