Below is a summary of the net cash flow for 2010 for the MCA. This is the first year we've moved to a detailed tracking of expenses. So, some items may have been put into the wrong category. The 2011 expenses should have fewer errors.



Overall, we lost $2900 last year. We've adopted several changes to deal with this loss. The big changes for 2011 are that we have moved away from Evenbrite for our tournament registrations and we have made an increase in our entrance fees for scholastic tournaments. On the other side of the ledger we are now supporting a fourth scholastic player, the Middle School Champion. They will receive funding to help cover their trip to the Barber Championship.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Mike Regan,


Ordinary Income/Expense
Earned Revenues $1,050.25
Entrance Fees $39,599.28
UMBC Tournament Reimburcement $1,897.50
Uncategorized Income $0.39
Total Income $42,547.42
Advertising & Promotion $1,600.98
Custodian $180.00
Entry Fee Refund $40.00
Eventbrite Fees $1,846.01
Gas $70.57
Hotel Room Expenses (subsidy & empty)
Junior Grand Prix Prizes $700.00
Misc Tournament Expenses $491.00
Overhead G&A $1,052.49
Paypal & Google Fees $722.16
Prizes Paid $9,710.00
Profit Share $750.19
Scholastic Stipends $1,500.00
Site Rental $4,095.90
Supplies and Materials $55.00
Table Rental $693.84
Tournament Director Fees $5,628.18
Trophies $10,136.62
Truck/Car Rental $278.73
USCF Memberships $2,524.96
USCF Rating Fees $1,469.05
USCF TLA $0.00
Total Expense $45,464.54
Net Ordinary Income -$2,917.12
Net Income -$2,917.12