by John D. Rockefeller V

Congratulations to the 2016 Greater Baltimore Scholastic Chess Champions:

  • HS Co-Champions: Richard Tan (2086), a 9th grader at Thomas S. Wootton HS; Sahil Sinha (2304), a 10th grader at Poolesville HS; & Jeffrey Du (1946), a 9th grader at River HS;
  • HS Team Champion: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute;
  • MS Champion: Ryan He (1562), a 7th grader at Takoma Park MS;
  • MS Team Champion: D.C. International School;
  • ES Champion: Charles Hua (1828), a 5th grader at NEST+m S (NY);
  • ES Team Champion: Manor Woods ES.

The HS, MS, & ES Individual Champions will receive free Early entry to MCA’s Baltimore Open, Maryland Open, & Washington International.

Click below for the tournament’s Final Standings (MCA's Crosstables), US Chess Crosstables, photos (if available), & highlight video (if available):

MCA Scholastic Tournaments' Final Standings (MCA's Crosstables)
MCA Scholastic Tournaments' US Chess Crosstables
MCA Scholastic Tournaments' Photos
MCA Scholastic Tournaments' Highlight Videos

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