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by John D. Rockefeller V

Congratulations to the 2017 Maryland Elementary-School & Primary-School Chess Champions:

  • ES Co-Champions: Chen-Chen Ye (1439), 4th grader at Cold Spring ES; & Kevin Zimmer (1450), 4th grader at Roland Park E/MS;
  • ES Team Champion: Manor Woods ES;
  • PS Champion: Tyler He (1147), 3rd grader at Seven Locks ES;
  • PS Team Champion: Centennial Lane ES.

The Individual (Co-)Champions will receive free Early entry to MCA’s Maryland Open & Washington International.

Click below for the tournament’s Final Standings (MCA's Crosstables), US Chess Crosstables, photos (if available), & highlight video (if available):

MCA Scholastic Tournaments' Final Standings (MCA's Crosstables)
MCA Scholastic Tournaments' US Chess Crosstables
MCA Scholastic Tournaments' Photos
MCA Scholastic Tournaments' Highlight Videos

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