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Rules Variation 1. In a section with 2 or fewer scheduled games, a player will not be granted any form of a bye (that is, neither a zero-point, half-point, nor full-point) requested before Round 1 begins.

Rules Variation 2. A player who forfeits a game (round) for an illegitimate reason must pay a $20 fine before the player will be permitted to play in a future tournament organized by Maryland Chess or Baltimore Chess. Examples of an illegitimate forfeit include (but are not limited to) the following:

      • by 8:30 AM (that is, by at least 1 hour before the scheduled start of Round 1 at 9:30 AM) a player fails to withdraw from the tournament properly by notifying MD Chess by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
      • after Round 1 a player fails to withdraw from the tournament properly by notifying the BackRoom Tournament Director before the pairings for the next round have been posted;
      • a player cheats.

Rules Variation 3. For a game with an increment time control, a clock that halts on end is preferred.

Rules Variation 4. In a section for which MD Chess provides clocks for all players (such as all sections at a Blitz or Bughouse tournament), if both players are absent from their board at the start of a round, then a Tournament Director will start White's time.

Rules Variation 5. If neither player is at a board, and if there is no clock on the board, then a Tournament Director may put a clock on the board and start White's time.

Rules Variation 6. A player must move before recording (notating) the player’s move.

Rules Variation 7. For a game with an increment time control of 30+ seconds, if the digital clock being used does not support an increment time control, then it must be set to 30+-second delay. Furthermore, the recording requirement will be enforced (will not be suspended), even though the clock is set to 30+-second delay.

Rules Variation 8. If players are not using a clock in a game with an increment time control of 10+ seconds, & if that game has lasted longer than the sum of the 2 players' base times, then a Tournament Director will add a clock set to G5 d5. (That is, when setting the clock, the TD will not add to the players' base times the increment time the players would have accrued after previous moves, if the players had been using a clock; nor will the TD set the clock so that increment time will be added to the players' base times after subsequent moves.) The remaining portion of the game will be played under standard sudden-death, time-pressure rules. (Because of the d5 setting, the players will not have the right to make a claim of insufficient-losing chances.) The game will be submitted with its original increment time control to US Chess for rating. To avoid this situation, players should use 1 of their clocks from the beginning of the game.

Rules Variation 9. In a game with a single time control, if a Tournament Director sees that a player’s clock has flagged (that a player has run out of time), then the TD will declare the game over and declare a winner (or any other appropriate result).

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