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2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships

SwissSys Standings. 2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships: High School

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Tarantin, Joseph W11 (b) W14 (w) W10 (b) W12 (w) W3 (b) 5.0
2 Patel, Harshil W46 (b) W28 (w) W25 (b) W9 (b) W10 (w) 5.0
3 Jablow, Zachary W7 (w) W27 (b) W4 (w) W6 (b) L1 (w) 4.0
4 Ding, Fanglin W37 (w) W8 (w) L3 (b) W27 (w) W12 (b) 4.0
5 Patel, Kishan W35 (w) W13 (b) L9 (w) W32 (b) W16 (w) 4.0
6 Beegan, Ben W43 (b) W40 (w) W15 (b) L3 (w) W20 (b) 4.0
7 Woo, Sangmin L3 (b) W38 (w) W28 (b) W25 (w) W17 (w) 4.0
8 Lamp, Jon W44 (w) L4 (b) W41 (w) W11 (b) W13 (w) 4.0
9 Stout, Spencer D23 (w) W24 (b) W5 (b) L2 (w) W25 (b) 3.5
10 Irwin, Maverick W33 (b) W17 (w) L1 (w) W30 (b) L2 (b) 3.0
11 Zhang, Yanjie L1 (w) W22 (b) W37 (w) L8 (w) W27 (b) 3.0
12 Bruns, Andrew W42 (b) W29 (w) W16 (b) L1 (b) L4 (w) 3.0
13 Rowe, Mike W19 (w) L5 (w) W40 (b) W15 (w) L8 (b) 3.0
14 McVicker, Jake W22 (w) L1 (b) L30 (w) W33 (b) W32 (w) 3.0
15 West, Jacob W36 (w) W18 (b) L6 (w) L13 (b) W29 (w) 3.0
16 Hu, Ethan W26 (w) W39 (b) L12 (w) W24 (b) L5 (b) 3.0
17 Minor, Cameron W41 (w) L10 (b) W23 (w) W26 (w) L7 (b) 3.0
18 Walfall, Sean W21 (b) L15 (w) L26 (b) W34 (w) W23 (w) 3.0
19 Heagy, Joshua L13 (b) W42 (w) W29 (b) L20 (w) W30 (w) 3.0
20 Hodges, Anthony L40 (b) W43 (w) W39 (w) W19 (b) L6 (w) 3.0
21 Turek, Ben L18 (w) L23 (b) W42 (w) W37 (b) W31 (w) 3.0
22 Duong, Alex L14 (b) L11 (w) W44 (b) W40 (w) W26 (b) 3.0
23 Libao, Erik D9 (b) W21 (w) L17 (b) W28 (w) L18 (b) 2.5
24 O'Donnell, Kyra H--- (-) L9 (w) W45 (b) L16 (w) W36 (b) 2.5
25 Bouloubassis, Chris W32 (w) W30 (b) L2 (w) L7 (b) L9 (w) 2.0
26 Idawu, Seun L16 (b) W35 (w) W18 (w) L17 (b) L22 (w) 2.0
27 El-Tahir, Mo W38 (w) L3 (w) W34 (b) L4 (b) L11 (w) 2.0
28 Nguyen, David W34 (w) L2 (b) L7 (w) L23 (b) W43 (w) 2.0
29 Naiz, Abid W31 (w) L12 (b) L19 (w) W41 (b) L15 (b) 2.0
30 Jacobs, Jamal W45 (w) L25 (w) W14 (b) L10 (w) L19 (b) 2.0
31 Nguyen, Kevin L29 (b) W33 (w) L32 (b) W35 (w) L21 (b) 2.0
32 Montague, Ellen L25 (b) W45 (b) W31 (w) L5 (w) L14 (b) 2.0
33 Zellhofer, Joe L10 (w) L31 (b) W38 (b) L14 (w) W40 (b) 2.0
34 Wilson, Elliot L28 (b) W46 (w) L27 (w) L18 (b) W42 (w) 2.0
35 Plotkin, Jordan L5 (b) L26 (b) W43 (w) L31 (b) W41 (w) 2.0
36 Alexander, Justin L15 (b) L41 (b) B--- (-) W39 (w) L24 (w) 2.0
37 Lingham, Valarous L4 (b) W44 (w) L11 (b) L21 (w) D38 (b) 1.5
38 Shipman, Kaneda L27 (b) L7 (b) L33 (w) B--- (-) D37 (w) 1.5
39 Preston, Dj H--- (-) L16 (w) L20 (b) L36 (b) W45 (w) 1.5
40 Schroeder, Paul W20 (w) L6 (b) L13 (w) L22 (b) L33 (w) 1.0
41 Lewis, Kyle L17 (b) W36 (w) L8 (b) L29 (w) L35 (b) 1.0
42 Hines, Greggor L12 (w) L19 (b) L21 (b) W45 (w) L34 (b) 1.0
43 Chambliss, Josh L6 (w) L20 (b) L35 (b) W44 (w) L28 (b) 1.0
44 Machiavelli, Amaya L8 (b) L37 (b) L22 (w) L43 (b) B--- (-) 1.0
45 Redding, Isiah L30 (b) L32 (w) L24 (w) L42 (b) L39 (b) 0.0
46 O'Leary, Eric L2 (w) L34 (b) U--- (-) U--- (-) U--- (-) 0.0

2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships

SwissSys Standings. 2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships: Middle School

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot
1 Sakhamuri, Sai W36 (b) W11 (w) W10 (b) W3 (b) W2 (b) 5.0
2 Stamatos, Michael W20 (b) W16 (w) W14 (b) W5 (b) L1 (w) 4.0
3 Yang, Ady W26 (b) W15 (w) W6 (b) L1 (w) W13 (b) 4.0
4 Zhang, Steven W9 (w) W21 (b) L5 (w) W15 (b) W11 (w) 4.0
5 Martinez, Alfonso W34 (b) W18 (w) W4 (b) L2 (w) W8 (w) 4.0
6 Fey, Jacob W30 (b) W23 (w) L3 (w) W19 (b) W12 (w) 4.0
7 Lamb, Daniel W28 (w) L14 (b) W24 (w) D13 (b) W10 (w) 3.5
8 Perez, Carlos B--- (-) D13 (b) W23 (w) W22 (w) L5 (b) 3.5
9 Cohen, Hugh L4 (b) W26 (w) D18 (b) W27 (b) W23 (w) 3.5
10 Sun, Chen Jun W12 (b) W22 (w) L1 (w) W17 (b) L7 (b) 3.0
11 Mission, Johann W24 (w) L1 (b) W34 (b) W18 (w) L4 (b) 3.0
12 Wexler, Rhys L10 (w) W28 (b) W16 (w) W14 (w) L6 (b) 3.0
13 Ray, Christopher W29 (b) D8 (w) W25 (b) D7 (w) L3 (w) 3.0
14 Kasture, Sarvesh W25 (b) W7 (w) L2 (w) L12 (b) W21 (w) 3.0
15 Galita, Sam W19 (b) L3 (b) W21 (w) L4 (w) W29 (b) 3.0
16 Kadthala, Sahit W27 (w) L2 (b) L12 (b) W35 (w) W22 (b) 3.0
17 Thompson, Drake L21 (w) W36 (b) W29 (w) L10 (w) W30 (b) 3.0
18 Rusins, David W31 (w) L5 (b) D9 (w) L11 (b) W33 (w) 2.5
19 Kumordzic, Sydney L15 (w) B--- (-) W35 (b) L6 (w) D20 (b) 2.5
20 Abebe, Mathias L2 (w) W31 (b) L22 (b) W25 (w) D19 (w) 2.5
21 Martin, Carl W17 (b) L4 (w) L15 (b) W26 (w) L14 (b) 2.0
22 Nguyen, Daniel W33 (w) L10 (b) W20 (w) L8 (b) L16 (w) 2.0
23 Johnson, Sherrod W37 (w) L6 (b) L8 (b) W28 (w) L9 (b) 2.0
24 Brent, Nathan L11 (b) W30 (w) L7 (b) D33 (w) D27 (w) 2.0
25 Turek, Patrick L14 (w) W32 (b) L13 (w) L20 (b) W34 (w) 2.0
26 Noone, Ryan L3 (w) L9 (b) W36 (w) L21 (b) W32 (w) 2.0
27 Nguyen, Brian L16 (b) D35 (w) W32 (b) L9 (w) D24 (b) 2.0
28 Clay, Henry L7 (b) L12 (w) W31 (b) L23 (b) W35 (w) 2.0
29 Dwyer, Patrick L13 (w) W37 (b) L17 (b) W34 (w) L15 (w) 2.0
30 Dinesh Kumar, Sam L6 (w) L24 (b) B--- (-) W37 (b) L17 (w) 2.0
31 Czyz, Daniel L18 (b) L20 (w) L28 (w) B--- (-) W37 (b) 2.0
32 Hooker, David D35 (b) L25 (w) L27 (w) W36 (b) L26 (b) 1.5
33 Sharma, Simone L22 (b) L34 (w) W37 (w) D24 (b) L18 (b) 1.5
34 Atemafac, David L5 (w) W33 (b) L11 (w) L29 (b) L25 (b) 1.0
35 Scott, Matt D32 (w) D27 (b) L19 (w) L16 (b) L28 (b) 1.0
36 Smith, Autumn L1 (w) L17 (w) L26 (b) L32 (w) B--- (-) 1.0
37 Lockhart, James L23 (b) L29 (w) L33 (b) L30 (w) L31 (w) 0.0

2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships

SwissSys Standings. 2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships: Elementary School

# Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot
1 Pillai, Nandhu W62 (w) W40 (b) W19 (w) W20 (b) W3 (w) W4 (b) 6.0
2 Griffin, Sean W45 (w) W36 (b) W18 (w) W11 (w) W28 (b) W13 (w) 6.0
3 Sinha, Alok W34 (w) W43 (b) W9 (w) W5 (b) L1 (b) W12 (w) 5.0
4 Van Buskirk, Connor W44 (b) W65 (w) W23 (b) W22 (w) W6 (b) L1 (w) 5.0
5 Chen, Raymond W72 (w) W8 (b) W16 (w) L3 (w) W22 (b) W11 (w) 5.0
6 Nichols, Philip W85 (w) W25 (b) W14 (w) W33 (b) L4 (w) W15 (w) 5.0
7 Tang, Henry W77 (w) L9 (b) W34 (w) W39 (b) W32 (w) W21 (w) 5.0
8 Dashora, Shubhang W41 (b) L5 (w) W80 (w) W38 (b) W53 (w) W17 (b) 5.0
9 Parks, Austin W17 (b) W7 (w) L3 (b) W40 (w) D10 (w) W29 (b) 4.5
10 Devaraconda, Ashvin W69 (b) L16 (w) W42 (b) W23 (w) D9 (b) W28 (w) 4.5
11 George, Brady W48 (w) W38 (b) W32 (w) L2 (b) W14 (w) L5 (b) 4.0
12 Scism, Christopher W15 (w) L24 (b) W67 (w) W19 (b) W20 (w) L3 (b) 4.0
13 Faulk, Ray W21 (w) L32 (b) W70 (w) W25 (b) W33 (w) L2 (b) 4.0
14 Kaguamba, Baraka W27 (w) W68 (b) L6 (b) W26 (w) L11 (b) W37 (w) 4.0
15 Doles, Jerome L12 (b) W79 (w) W30 (w) W18 (b) W36 (w) L6 (b) 4.0
16 Williams, Bobby W59 (w) W10 (b) L5 (b) W66 (w) L17 (b) W41 (w) 4.0
17 Lu, Anthony L9 (w) W77 (b) W54 (w) W35 (b) W16 (w) L8 (w) 4.0
18 Heckler, Dakota W82 (b) W46 (w) L2 (b) L15 (w) W40 (b) W47 (w) 4.0
19 Cantemiry, Jason W71 (b) W60 (w) L1 (b) L12 (w) W44 (b) W35 (w) 4.0
20 Andrews, Oliver W74 (w) W54 (b) W35 (w) L1 (w) L12 (b) W42 (b) 4.0
21 Beegan, Chris L13 (b) W71 (w) W27 (w) W63 (b) W37 (w) L7 (b) 4.0
22 Cannon, Nick W80 (w) W67 (b) W29 (w) L4 (b) L5 (w) W57 (b) 4.0
23 Gnana, Kavin W78 (w) W63 (b) L4 (w) L10 (b) W52 (w) W32 (b) 4.0
24 Du, Luke W42 (b) W12 (w) L33 (b) L28 (w) W43 (b) W39 (w) 4.0
25 Wang, Timothy W58 (w) L6 (w) W68 (b) L13 (w) W64 (b) W36 (b) 4.0
26 Cannon, Joshua W39 (w) L35 (b) W48 (w) L14 (b) W62 (w) W34 (b) 4.0
27 Safadi, Alan L14 (b) W84 (w) L21 (b) W81 (w) W48 (b) W33 (w) 4.0
28 Adedire, Teni D55 (b) W47 (w) W76 (w) W24 (b) L2 (w) L10 (b) 3.5
29 Owen, Harper W51 (b) D53 (w) L22 (b) W76 (w) W55 (b) L9 (w) 3.5
30 Sabeeh, Manahil L32 (w) W62 (w) L15 (b) W80 (b) D38 (w) W53 (b) 3.5
31 Clarke, Rolando L37 (w) D57 (b) D81 (w) D58 (b) W76 (b) W55 (w) 3.5
32 Santhosh Kumar, Yashwanth W30 (b) W13 (w) L11 (b) W64 (w) L7 (b) L23 (w) 3.0
33 Zhang, Frank W57 (w) W37 (b) W24 (w) L6 (w) L13 (b) L27 (b) 3.0
34 Walters, Cody L3 (b) W50 (w) L7 (b) W68 (w) W46 (b) L26 (w) 3.0
35 Irwin, Eli W47 (b) W26 (w) L20 (b) L17 (w) W66 (b) L19 (b) 3.0
36 Kurniawan, Colin W66 (b) L2 (w) W56 (b) W41 (w) L15 (b) L25 (w) 3.0
37 West, Lamar W31 (b) L33 (w) W43 (b) W55 (w) L21 (b) L14 (b) 3.0
38 Speckart, Haiden W61 (b) L11 (w) W60 (b) L8 (w) D30 (b) D45 (w) 3.0
39 Meadows, Emerson L26 (b) W82 (w) W46 (b) L7 (w) W63 (w) L24 (b) 3.0
40 Klinefelter, Max W64 (w) L1 (w) W65 (b) L9 (b) L18 (w) W71 (b) 3.0
41 Hemler, Andrew L8 (w) W45 (b) W58 (w) L36 (b) W65 (w) L16 (b) 3.0
42 Raji, Alim L24 (w) W78 (b) L10 (w) W67 (b) W56 (b) L20 (w) 3.0
43 Safadi, Amy W50 (b) L3 (w) L37 (w) W73 (b) L24 (w) W63 (b) 3.0
44 Quick, Silas L4 (w) W52 (b) L63 (w) W59 (b) L19 (w) W67 (b) 3.0
45 Hess, Gavin L2 (b) L41 (w) D51 (b) W82 (w) W58 (w) D38 (b) 3.0
46 Lotts, Connor W49 (w) L18 (b) L39 (w) W54 (b) L34 (w) W65 (b) 3.0
47 Mixter, Leland L35 (w) L28 (b) W79 (w) W72 (b) W49 (w) L18 (b) 3.0
48 Labuff, Eric L11 (b) W73 (w) L26 (b) W75 (w) L27 (w) W70 (b) 3.0
49 Jones, Jesse L46 (b) L56 (w) W82 (b) W50 (w) L47 (b) W66 (w) 3.0
50 Reider, Sophia L43 (w) L34 (b) W77 (w) L49 (b) W69 (w) W62 (b) 3.0
51 Makarashvili, Sofia L29 (w) L64 (b) D45 (w) D61 (b) W72 (w) W68 (b) 3.0
52 Pearre, Brianna L65 (b) L44 (w) W83 (b) W69 (w) L23 (b) W64 (w) 3.0
53 Brown, Simone W73 (w) D29 (b) L55 (b) W57 (w) L8 (b) L30 (w) 2.5
54 Zhang, Aiden W56 (b) L20 (w) L17 (b) L46 (w) D59 (w) W76 (b) 2.5
55 Cooper, Max D28 (w) W81 (b) W53 (w) L37 (b) L29 (w) L31 (b) 2.5
56 Powers, Ethan L54 (w) W49 (b) L36 (w) W71 (b) L42 (w) D60 (b) 2.5
57 Drohan, Colin L33 (b) D31 (w) W75 (b) L53 (b) W61 (w) L22 (w) 2.5
58 Masset, Louis L25 (b) W85 (w) L41 (b) D31 (w) L45 (b) W77 (w) 2.5
59 Khan, Aayan L16 (b) W69 (w) L64 (b) L44 (w) D54 (b) W79 (b) 2.5
60 Thapa Magar, Sara W70 (w) L19 (b) L38 (w) L62 (b) W80 (w) D56 (w) 2.5
61 Plater, Mason L38 (w) B--- (-) L66 (b) D51 (w) L57 (b) W78 (b) 2.5
62 Raicha, Dvig L1 (b) L30 (b) W74 (w) W60 (w) L26 (b) L50 (w) 2.0
63 Hollen, Daniel W79 (b) L23 (w) W44 (b) L21 (w) L39 (b) L43 (w) 2.0
64 Dal, Joseph L40 (b) W51 (w) W59 (w) L32 (b) L25 (w) L52 (b) 2.0
65 Suk, Abbigail W52 (w) L4 (b) L40 (w) W70 (b) L41 (b) L46 (w) 2.0
66 Sacay, Sergio L36 (w) W74 (b) W61 (w) L16 (b) L35 (w) L49 (b) 2.0
67 Galkin, Andrew W83 (b) L22 (w) L12 (b) L42 (w) W74 (b) L44 (w) 2.0
68 Javed, Ibrahim W84 (b) L14 (w) L25 (w) L34 (b) W83 (b) L51 (w) 2.0
69 Landsman, Jacob L10 (w) L59 (b) W78 (w) L52 (b) L50 (b) W83 (w) 2.0
70 Sa, Ko L60 (b) W72 (w) L13 (b) L65 (w) W73 (b) L48 (w) 2.0
71 Bagley, Veah L19 (w) L21 (b) W85 (b) L56 (w) W81 (b) L40 (w) 2.0
72 Frederiksen, Evan L5 (b) L70 (b) W84 (w) L47 (w) L51 (b) W81 (w) 2.0
73 Swanson, Tyler L53 (b) L48 (b) B--- (-) L43 (w) L70 (w) W85 (b) 2.0
74 Wilson, Damon L20 (b) L66 (w) L62 (b) B--- (-) L67 (w) W80 (b) 2.0
75 Johnson, Julian B--- (-) L76 (b) L57 (w) L48 (b) L78 (w) W84 (b) 2.0
76 Trusty, Dorian D81 (b) W75 (w) L28 (b) L29 (b) L31 (w) L54 (w) 1.5
77 Akinladenu, Abraham L7 (b) L17 (w) L50 (b) D78 (b) W85 (w) L58 (b) 1.5
78 Sood, Javesh L23 (b) L42 (w) L69 (b) D77 (w) W75 (b) L61 (w) 1.5
79 Job, Deborah L63 (w) L15 (b) L47 (b) D85 (w) W82 (b) L59 (w) 1.5
80 Kelly, Braden L22 (b) W83 (w) L8 (b) L30 (w) L60 (b) L74 (w) 1.0
81 Wearmouth, James D76 (w) L55 (w) D31 (b) L27 (b) L71 (w) L72 (b) 1.0
82 Marroquin, John L18 (w) L39 (b) L49 (w) L45 (b) L79 (w) B--- (-) 1.0
83 Garcia, Anita L67 (w) L80 (b) L52 (w) W84 (b) L68 (w) L69 (b) 1.0
84 Smith, Anihya L68 (w) L27 (b) L72 (b) L83 (w) B--- (-) L75 (w) 1.0
85 Lott, Xavier L6 (b) L58 (b) L71 (w) D79 (b) L77 (b) L73 (w) 0.5

2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships

Team Roster and Standings. 2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships: High School

  Code Name Score
1 DULANH Dulaney High School (875.0) - Cnt: 5 18.0
2 TOWSOH Towson High School (1000.0) - Cnt: 4 12.5
3 HEREFH Hereford High School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 12.5
4 PERRHH Perry Hall High School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 12.0
5 LOCHRH Loch Raven High School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 9.0
6 MILFOH Milford Mill Academy (High School) (850.0) - Cnt: 5 8.5
7 RANDAH Randallstown High School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 8.0
8 WOODLH Woodlawn High School (866.7) - Cnt: 3 7.0
9 OWINGH Owings Mills High School (775.0) - Cnt: 4 6.5
10 CHESAPH Chesapeake High (950.0) - Cnt: 2 6.0
11 PARKVH Parkville High School (900.0) - Cnt: 2 3.0

2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships

Team Roster and Standings. 2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships: Middle School

  Code Name Score
1 COCKEM Cockeysville Middle School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 15.5
2 DUMBAM Dumbarton Middle School (850.0) - Cnt: 4 13.0
3 CATONM Catonsville Middle School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 13.0
4 PARKVM Parkville Middle School (825.0) - Cnt: 4 11.0
5 PERRHM Perry Hall Middle School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 10.5
6 HEREFM Hereford Middle School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 8.5
7 DEERPM Deer Park Middle School (825.0) - Cnt: 4 7.5
8 NORTWAM Northwest Academy Middle (850.0) - Cnt: 5 7.5

2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships

Team Roster and Standings. 2017 Baltimore County Scholastic Championships: Elementary School

  Code Name Score
1 CROMWE Cromwell Valley Elementary School Technology (850.0) - Cnt: 5 20.0
2 PADONE Padonia International Elementary School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 18.0
3 OREMSE Orems Elementary School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 17.0
4 ESSEXE Essex Elementary School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 16.5
5 STONLE Stoneleigh Elementary School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 16.0
6 TIMONE Timonium Elementary School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 15.0
7 SPARKE Sparks Elementary School (825.0) - Cnt: 4 14.0
8 LYONS Lyons Mill Elementary (850.0) - Cnt: 5 14.0
9 JOPPAE Joppa View Elementary School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 13.5
10 WARREE Warren Elementary School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 12.5
11 FIFTHE Fifth District Elementary School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 11.5
12 BERKSHIR Berkshire Elementary (850.0) - Cnt: 5 11.0
13 WOODBE Woodbridge Elementary School (850.0) - Cnt: 5 10.5
14 WOODHOL Woodholme Elementary (850.0) - Cnt: 5 10.0
15 CHATSE Chatsworth Elementary School (850.0) - Cnt: 4 10.0
16 HALETHOR Halethorpe Elementary (850.0) - Cnt: 5 8.0
17 BEDFORD Bedford Elementary (850.0) - Cnt: 5 7.0
18 FEATLE Featherbed Lane Elementary School (900.0) - Cnt: 2 2.5
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