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MD Sweet 16


The players for the MD Sweet 16 are selected using two methods:

  1. The eight highest rated players based on their published March US Chess ratings.
  2. The eight players with the highest number of Varsity Points (see below)

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by Chris Y Kim

Day 2 of the 2019 Maryland Sweet 16 at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Country (UMBC) exhibited some excitement at the top in addition to the snowy weather. In Round 3, co-leaders Jason Daniels and Bijan Tahmassebi (the top 2 rated players) met on the top board. Daniels prevailed in a tight game with the black pieces. This set up a round 4 matchup with the other co-leader Jeffery Du, who had won his 3rd round match with Ryan He. Both Daniels (White) and Du (Black) fought in a tense match that ended in an agreed draw - leaving both players tied for first at 3.5 points.  

An Armagggedon quick game playoff followed with White having 15 mintues (increment 5) and Black having 10 minutes (increment 5). Daniels (leader on tiebreaks) chose to be Black. With an audience of around 20 watching, Du started with an English opening, and 20 minutes later Daniels emerged as the victor and the recepient of a tuition scholarship to UMBC.  

In tiebreak order, here are the final standings with the USCF ratings:

3.5: Jason Daniels (2187), Jeffrey Du (2043)

3.0: Bijan Tahmassebi (2107)

2.5: Douglas Malcolm (2014), Chen-Chen Ye (1927)

2.0: Andrew Diep (1964), Ryan He (1937), Bradley Guo (1841), Max Mathura (1834), Ariel Joshi (1686)

1.5: Sean Power (1950), Joseph Tarantin (1874), Anthony Granruth (1778)

1,0: Ritz Ballares (1871), Satvik Lolla (1888)

0.5: Emerson Holcomb (1746)


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by John D. Rockefeller V & Chris Y. Kim

Welcome to the 2018-2019 qualifying season for the Maryland Sweet 16 2019 on 2019.03.02-03. Since 1995 this annual invitational tournament has featured 16 of the top K-12 Maryland players competing in a separate section of the UMBC Open at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The MD-Sweet-16 tournament-announcement page contains all tournament details, including qualification rules & Varsity-Points scoring rules. The MD-Sweet-16 Champion will receive a MD-Sweet-16 UMBC Chess Scholarship, valued at $47,112. (There are 2 additional types of UMBC Chess Scholarships for which high-school seniors from any state are eligible.)

9 of the 9 scheduled MD-Sweet-16 Qualifiers in this qualifying season have been completed. The Final Standings include the results of MD Chess Roland Park February II on 2019.02.23.

Click below for the current MD-Sweet-16 Qualifiers, 2 Alternates, Backup Alternates, & Full Standings.

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by Chris Y Kim

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Day 1 (2 rounds) of the 2019 Maryland Sweet 16 tournament has a 3-way tie for the lead - the top 3 seeds Jason Scott Daniels, Bijan Tahmassebi, and Jeffrey Du. It has been a competitive two rounds so far in this annual invitational tournament showcasing the top Maryland scholastic players and is increasing in strength every year. [Former winners of the tournament are not allowed to compete.] Half the field played last year. This has a potential for an exciting Day 2 tomorrow with the top two seeds meeting on Board 1 in Round 3! There is a threat of snow for Round 4, which may make the finale interesting.

In Ratings order, here are the standings with the USCF ratings:

2.0: Jason Scott Daniels (2187); Bijan Tahmassebi (2107); Jeffrey Du (2043)

1.5: Ryan He (1937)

1.0: Douglas Malcolm (2014); Andrew Diep (1964); Sean Kee Power (1950); Chen-Chen Ye (1927); Joseph Tarantin (1874); Bradley Guo (1841); Max Mathura (1834)

0.5: Ritz Ballares (1871); Emerson Holcomb (1746); Ariel Joshi (1686)

0.0: Satvik Lolla (1888); Anthony Granruth (1778)


Here are the pairings for Round 3 that will start at 10:30 Sunday morning (White listed first):

1: Bijan Tahmassebi (2.0) vs Jason Scott Daniels (2.0)

2: Ryan He (1.5) vs Jeffrey Du (2.0)

3: Douglas Malcolm (1.0) vs Joseph Tarantin (1.0)

4: Chen-Chen Ye (1.0) vs Andrew Diep (1.0)

5: Max Mathura (1.0) vs Sean Kee Power (1.0)

6: Ritz Ballares (0.5) vs Bradley Guo (1.0)

7: Emerson Holcomb (0.5) vs Ariel Joshi (0.5)

8: Anthony Granruth (0.0) vs Satvik Lolla (0.0)



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Click below for revisions to the MD-Sweet-16 Qualification Rules that apply to MD Sweet 16 2018.  The revisions give strong players (typically rated 1800+) more opportunities to qualify by rating for the invitational tournament at UMBC.  See the tournament-announcement page for further details.

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