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MD Sweet 16

Updated 23 February 2013 - The standings have now been updated with the final MCA scholastic qualifying event results. The Rally Points have been renamed to Varsity Points to reflect the change in the name of the top section in the local scholastic tournaments.

The 2012-2013 MCA scholastic season is underway, and one of the featured competitions is the Varsity section qualification to the 2013 MD Sweet 16, where 16 of the top Maryland scholastic players will compete in a separate section of the UMBC Open on March 2-3.

The Maryland Sweet 16 Champion receives a 4-year Maryland Sweet 16 Scholarship to UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County).  The fixed-dollar scholarship covers tuition and fees, but not room and board (valued at $39,056 over 4 years in 2012-2013).

All participants in the 2013 MD Sweet 16 are required to play all 4 rounds over the weekend.

The final standings after 8 events are at the end of this article (click below to read more).

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By Chris Kim

Sunday, March 3 (14:40)

UMBC - Commons 3rd Floor

After the third round, the field has separated a little. We have three players tied for first with 2.5 points. Depending on the final rounds, we may end up with a playoff for first place and a chess scholarship to UMBC.

Round 4 will start at 3pm this afternoon.

Standings after Round 3 (tiebreak order):

2.5 - Sahil Sinha, Bendeguz Offertaler, Andrew Zheng

2.0 - Quil Kibak, Kevin Huang

1.5 - Jerry Wu, Pieter Heesters, Alexander Davydov, Nathan Feldman, Kindan Chintamaneni, Dobrynya Konoplev

1.0 - Douglas Malcolm, Madeline Kim, Robert Pekarek

0.5 - Andrew Mao

0.0 - Aditya Balasubramanian

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Congratulations to Ramanuja Sreenivasan, who defeated Bendeguz Offertaler on Board 1 in Round 3 to capture the 2012 Maryland Sweet 16 Chess Championship!

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Congratulations to Andrew Zheng (2100), who defeated Bendeguz Offertaler (2082) on Board 1 in Round 4 to become the 2013 Maryland-Sweet-16 Champion.  A 5th grader at Pointers Run Elementary School in Howard County, Andrew finished with a score of 3.5/4. With the title comes the 4-year MD-Sweet-16 UMBC Chess Scholarship  to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, valued at $39,056 in 2012-2013.

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The 2011-2012 MCA Maryland Sweet 16 qualification season is now complete, after the 6th event at Liberty Christian school yesterday.  The Maryland Sweet 16 consists of 16 of the top Maryland scholastic players, who compete at their own section of the UMBC Open. The winner receives a UMBC Chess scholarship. The 2012 Maryland Sweet 16 will be held Feb 25-26 at UMBC.

Here is the list of the 2012 Maryland Sweet 16 qualifiers:

Top 6 (USCF rating): Charles Yang, Ramanuja Sreenivasan, Dobrynya Konoplev, Bendeguz Offertaler, Andrew Zheng, Saketh Papaiahgari

Next 10 (Rally Points): Ronald Best Jr, Jerry Wu, Madeline Kim, Pieter Heesters, Alex Li, Jordan Best, Jason Zou, David Snyder, Sahil Singha, Aditya Balasubramanian

Top alternate: Zachary Jablow

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