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2nd Annual Washington International
From Tuesday 06 August 2013 -  11:00am
To Sunday 11 August 2013 - 05:00pm
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 2nd Annual Washington International

August 6 - 11, 2013
Rockville, Maryland

9-round Swiss, 40/90, SD/30, 30/incr

Playing Site: Rockville Hilton, 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland, United States 20852-1699 (phone 301-468-1100)

Come play in what we believe are the best playing conditions in the US!

Last Year's Washington International

New this Year

    • Larger Prize Fund, $22,000 in A Section
    • Limited number of minimum prizes for all non-US players
    • Lower entrance fees
    • B section with same schedule (Under 2201 USCF and Under 2200 FIDE), allowing anyone to play
    • Complementary Hospitality room for everyone Monday afternoon, August 5th
    • $50 discount for players over age 50 in A section
    • $25 discount for FIDE Masters in A section
    • Three days of only one round per day, So you can rest, play in the blitz or rapid tournament, or tour Washington DC
    • Free Internet in the sleeping rooms. Reserve a room
    • is a tournament sponsor.
    • Rapid Tournament on Saturday
    • Razuvaev Chess Memorial Tournament will be held in parallel with players:
GM Adrian Mikhalchishin GM Alexandra Kosteniuk
GM Boris Gulko IM Anna Zatonskih
GM Vladimir Tukmakov IM Irina Krush
GM Lev Alburt IM Elena Sedina

Continuing Tournament Features

  • Clocks, sets and boards are provided for everyone
  • Free Continental breakfast before all morning rounds
  • Minimum 2100 FIDE or 2200 USCF rating to play in A section
  • $99/night room rate, $50 discount on EF if staying at Hilton
  • Hotel next to DC Metro stop (Twinbrook)
  • Top boards will be broadcast live
  • Washington International Blitz Tournament on Friday evening

Other Washington International Chess Festival Activities and Tournaments

The International is the showcase event for the chess festival but there are several other events that players with less free time can play in:

Tournament Name Type Time Control Number of Sections When
Potomac Open Weekend Swiss 40/90, SD/30 +30/incr
Aug 2-4
Free Chess Lecture       Friday Aug 9, 6:30pm
Washington International Blitz Blitz
3 +2/incr
Friday Aug 9, 8pm
Washington International Rapid Rapid
15 +10/incr
Saturday, Aug 10

A-Section (Minimum 2100 FIDE or 2200 USCF)

$22,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

Registered Players
Name Title Country
Alex Lenderman GM USA
Mikheil Kekelidze GM GEO
Gildardo Garcia GM COL
Daniel Fridman GM GER
Ioan-Cristian Chirila GM ROM
Kidambi Sundararajan GM IND
Ilya Smirin GM ISR
Nicolay Legky GM FRA
Larry Kaufman GM USA
Fidel Jimenez GM CUB
Yuniesky Perez GM CUB
Farai Mandizha IM ZIM
Nazi Paikidze IM GEO
Vitaly Neimer IM ISR
Adam Hunt IM ENG
Kayden Troff IM USA
Leon Piasetski IM CAN
Tegshsuren Enkhbaht IM USA
Alfonso Almeida IM MEX
Daniel Ludwig IM USA
Roberto Marin del Campo IM MEX
Mackenzie Molner IM USA
Oladalpo Adu IM NGR
Olape Bunmi IM NGR
Michael Mulyar IM USA
Darwin Yang IM USA
Justin Sakar IM USA
Katerina Rohonyan WGM USA
Yuvarajan, Prathiba WIM IND
Ian Thompson FM ENG
Shinsaku Uesugi FM JPN
Atulya Shetty FM USA
Michael Barron FM CAN
Michael Kleinman FM CAN
Allan Savage FM USA
Aleksandr Ostrovskiy FM USA
Pablo Venegas FM MEX
Jorge Martin del Campo FM MEX
Akshat Chandra FM USA
Shiyam Thavandiran FM CAN
Jonathan Chiang FM USA
Seth Homa FM USA
Sabrina Chevannes WFM ENG
Megan Lee WFM USA
Sarah Chiang WFM USA
Aaron Khan   USA
Jeremy Kane   USA
Daniel Clancy   USA
Levy Rozman   USA
Stanislav Busygin   USA
Mario Alexis Arias   PER
Adithya Balasubramanian   IND
Sean Vibbert   USA
Kevin Wang   USA


1st $5000
2nd $3000
3rd $2000
4th $1000
5th $900
6th $800
7th $700
8th $600
9th $550
10th $500
Under 2500 $1300-$700
Under 2400 $1200-$600
Under 2300 $1100-$550
Under 2200 $1000-$500

Additional Prizes of one-year Diamond level Memberships to:

Top two non-money winning IMs
Top two non-money winning WGMs
Top two non-money winning FMs
Top two non-money winning WIMs
Top two non-money winning untitled players

A limited number of minimum prizes are available to the first players to register in each category. Players must play all nine rounds to qualify for minimum prize.

Category Minimum Number still available
1st 5 non-US GMs $500 0
1st 5 non-US GMs or IMs $300 0
1st 5 non-US GM/IM/FM/WGM/WIM/WFM $200 0
1st 5 non-US FIDE rated $100 0

FIDE ratings will be used for pairings and prizes. The default time for late arrival is 60 minutes but the Chief Arbiter may make exceptions in case of emergency. There is a limit of 3 1/2 point byes and you must request them before round 2.

We would like to thank the following donors for their generous support:

GM Anatoly Machulsky
GM Sam Palatnik
John D. Rockefeller V

 A secton advance entries in FIDE rating order

A-Section Entrance Fees

GMs, non-US IMs, or FIDE above 2500 - Free
Non-US FIDE rated, US IMs and WGMs, or FIDE above 2399 - $199
FIDE above 2299 - $299
FIDE above 2199 - $349
FIDE between 2100 and 2199 - $399
FIDE below 2100 and USCF above 2200 - $599
FIDE below 2100 and USCF of 2200 - $799
$50 discount on all entrance fees if staying at the Hilton
$50 discount for all players born before 8/6/1963
$25 discount for all FMs, WFMs, WIMs, and non-US WGMs
All $25 more after 6/6/2013
All $35 more after 7/21/2013
All $45 more after 8/3/2013
All $70 more at-the-door

B-Section (Under 2250 USCF and Under 2200 FIDE, FIDE rated)

Same playing conditions, schedule and location as the A section.

$4,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

B Section Registered Players
Name Rating
Kjoita, Henning 2191
Kjoita, Torgeir 1988
Gregorz, Ralph 2041
Polgar-Shutzman, Tom 2069
Al-Hariri, Saad 1872
Rotenberg, Marc 2167
Chang, Jeffery 2116
Davydov, Alexander 1720
Al-hariri, Saad 1848
Olufemi, George 1925
Shih, Matthew 2041
Collier, Philip 2200
1st $1500
2nd $700
3rd $400
1st Under 2000 $600
2nd Under 2000 $300
1st Under 1800 $500

USCF ratings will be used for pairings and prizes in the B section. The default time for late arrival is 60 minutes but the Chief Arbiter may make exceptions in case of emergency.

 B secton advance entries in USCF rating order

B-Section Entrance Fees

Early Entrance Fee - $249
$50 discount if staying at the Hilton
$20 more after 7/21/2013
$30 more after 8/3/2013
$40 more at-the-door


$50 discount for players staying at the hotel
Online registration is at
Mail Registrations to:
Maryland Chess Association
c/o Mike Regan
1827 Thornton Ridge Road
Towson, MD 21204
Mailed registrations should include name, FIDE rating, FIDE country.

Round Schedule for both Sections

August 6 (Tuesday) - August 8 (Thursday) 11am and 6pm
August 9 (Friday) - 11am
August 10 (Saturday) - 6pm
August 11 (Sunday) - 11am

Hotel Rates: $99 per night!,

Wi-Fi is included with this special rate. Rooms are limited, so make your reservations early. Phone 301-468-1100.
The organizer is Mike Regan. If you have any questions, email him at

Parking Information

Parking is $6/night for overnight guests. It is free for day guests. You should validate your ticket at the front desk.