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3rd Annual Washington International
From Saturday 09 August 2014 -  11:00am
To Thursday 14 August 2014 - 03:00pm
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3rd Annual Washington International

August 9 - 14, 2014
Rockville, Maryland

9-round Swiss, 40/100, SD/30, 30/incr

Playing Site
Rockville Hilton
1750 Rockville Pike; Rockville, Maryland 20852; United States


Come play in what we believe are the best playing conditions in the US! You can read an opinion of our tournaments on IM Akshat Chandra's blog.

1st Washington International Results

2nd Washington International Results

  • GM Yuniesky Quesada Perez (CUB) won the 2nd Washington International with a score of 7/9. Two GM and two IM norms were earned at the tournament. See the final report
  • Player feedback was again overwhelmingly positive.
  • 38% of the players won prizes

New this Year

  • Lower room rate on Friday and Saturday nights
  • Limited number of minimum prizes for US GMs

Continuing Tournament Features

  • Limited number of minimum prizes for all non-US players
  • Clocks, sets and boards are provided for everyone
  • Free Continental breakfast before all morning rounds
  • Minimum 2100 FIDE rating to play in A section
  • $99/weeknight room rate, $50 discount on EF if staying at Hilton, Room block is sold out but a few are available email: for info. Roommates are also needed.
  • Hotel next to DC Metro stop (Twinbrook)
  • Top boards will be broadcast live
  • Washington International Blitz Tournament on Friday evening
  • Free Internet in the sleeping rooms.
  • Three days of only one round per day, So you can rest, play in the blitz tournament, or tour Washington DC
  • $50 discount for players over age 50 in A section

A-Section (Minimum 2100 FIDE)

$18,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

Registered Players
Name Title Country
Sergei Azarov GM BLR
Josh Friedel GM USA
Mark Parauga GM PHL
Oliver Barbosa GM PHL
Fidel Jimenez GM USA
Illya Nyzhnyk GM UKR
Conrad Holt GM USA
Bryan Smith GM USA
Kayden Troff GM USA
Yaroslav Zherebukh GM UKR
Larry Kaufman GM USA
Giorgi Margvelashvili GM GEO
Cristian Chirila GM ROU
Mikheil Kekelidze GM GEO
Nikolay Andrianov IM RUS
Alfonso Almeida IM MEX
Raja Panjwani IM CAN
Tegshsuren Enkhbat IM USA
Oladapo Adu IM NIG
Jeffery Xiong IM USA
Akshat Chandra IM USA
Michael Mulyar IM USA
Darwin Yang IM USA
Keaton Kiewra IM USA
Samuel Sevian IM USA
Dean Ippolito IM USA
Levan Bregadze IM GEO
Luke Harmon-Vellotti IM USA
Aleksandr Ostrovskiy IM USA
Prathiba Yuvarajan WIM IND
Michael Barron FM CAN
William Morrison FM USA
Alisa Melekhina FM USA
Anton Del Mundo FM  PHI
Atulya Shetty FM USA
Arthur Shen FM USA
Seth Homa FM USA
Ruifeng Li FM USA
Kevin Wang FM USA
Yuanchen Zhang FM CAN
Kesav Viswanadha FM USA
Karma Pandya   IND
Karthik Ramachandran   USA
Matan Prilleltensky   USA
Elias Oussedik   CAN
Praveen Balakrishnan   USA
Christopher Gu   USA
Jevan Karamsetty   USA
David Hua   USA
Mika Brattain   USA


1st $4000
2nd $2000
3rd $1500
4th $1000
5th $900
6th $700
7th $600
8th $400
Under 2500 $1300-$650
Under 2400 $1200-$600
Under 2300 $1100-$550
Under 2200 $1000-$500

A limited number of minimum prizes are available to the first players to register in each category. Players must play all nine rounds to qualify for minimum prize.

Category Minimum Number still available
1st 5 non-US GMs, rated over 2500 $500 1
1st 4 US GMs, rated over 2400 $300 0
1st 5 non-US GMs or IMs , rated over 2400 $300 1
1st 5 non-US GM/IM/FM/WGM/WIM/WFM $200 1
1st 5 non-US FIDE rated $100 3

FIDE ratings will be used for pairings and prizes. The default time for late arrival is 60 minutes but the Chief Arbiter may make exceptions in case of emergency. There is a limit of 3 1/2 point byes and you must request them before round 2.

A-Section Entrance Fees

GMs, non-US IMs - Free
US IMs and WGMs - $199
FIDE above 2299 - $299
FIDE between 2200 and 2299 - $324
FIDE between 2100 and 2199 - $374
$100 discount for all non-US FIDE rated players
$50 discount on all entrance fees if staying at the Hilton
$50 discount for all players born before 8/8/1964

All $25 more after 6/9/2014
All $35 more after 7/25/2014
All $45 more after 8/5/2014
All $70 more at-the-door

Round Schedule for A Section

August 9 (Saturday) - August 11 (Monday) 11am and 6pm
August 12 and August 13 (Tuesday and Wednesday) - 6pm
August 14 (Thursday) - 11am

B-Section (Under 2201 USCF and Under 2200 FIDE, FIDE rated)

7SS, Same playing conditions and location as the A section.

$4,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

Joshua Altman1708

B Section Registered Players
Name Rating
Jennifer Yu 2162
Jeffery Chang 2160
Neal Goldberg 2145
Kevin Zhou 2137
Arthur Tang 2061
Sean Senft 2057
Sathish Nath 2008
Vishal Kobla 1952
Andy Huang 1949
Abhinay Dommalapati 1916
Erdenee Baasansuren 1902
Olufemi George 1888
Zachary Jablow 1831
Pranav Prem 1822
Saad Al-Hariri 1779
Konstantin Molodtsov 1765
Amnon Attali 1731
Aasa Dommalapati 1708
Hercules Del Mundo 1671
Theodore Covey 1540
Harvey He 1536
Eric He 1535
Janaki Devi Muduma 1433
Pinyi Hu UNR
1st $1500
2nd $700
3rd $400
1st Under 2000 $600
2nd Under 2000 $300
1st Under 1800 $500

USCF ratings will be used for pairings and prizes in the B section. The default time for late arrival is 60 minutes but the Chief Arbiter may make exceptions in case of emergency.

B-Section Entrance Fees

Early Entrance Fee - $249
$50 discount if staying at the Hilton
$50 discount for all players born before 8/8/1964
$20 more after 7/25/2013
$30 more after 8/5/2013
$40 more at-the-door


$50 discount for players staying at the hotel
Mail Registrations to:
Maryland Chess Association
c/o Mike Regan
1827 Thornton Ridge Road
Towson, MD 21204
Mailed registrations should include name, FIDE rating, FIDE country.

Round Schedule for B Section

August 9 (Saturday) - August 11 (Monday) 11am and 6pm
August 12 (Tuesday) - 6pm

Hotel Rates: $89/$99 per night!, Room block is sold out but a few rooms are available, email for info

Rate is $89 on Friday and Saturday and $99 on weeknights. Wi-Fi is included with this special rate. Rooms are limited, so make your reservations early. Phone 301-468-1100.
The organizer is Mike Regan. If you have any questions, email him at

Cell Phone Rules

Do not bring cellphones into the playing venue (playing room, halls outside playing room, smoking area, bathrooms, etc) according to FIDE rule 11.3.

Possession of a device that is turned on or makes a noise

  • Forfeit of the game

Possession of a device that is turned off

  • 1st Violation 30 minute time penalty limited to no more than 1/2 the remaining time on the clock for the current time control.
  • 2nd Violation Forfeit of game

Parking Information

Parking is $5/night for overnight guests. It is free for day guests. You should validate your ticket at the front desk.