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MD Girls Chess Championship 2015
Saturday 10 January 2015, 10:00am - 06:00pm
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Rockville Hilton
1750 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

Recent History of the Tournament, Site, and/or Date

ONLY Maryland residents who are girls in grades K - 12 may compete.

The tournament will be held in conjunction with the Chesapeake Open 2015.

The individual & team winners of the Championship section will be the 2015 Maryland Girls Chess Champion. The individual champion will receive the 2015 MCA Girls Chess Champion Stipend of up to $500 to represent Maryland at the National Girls Invitational Tournament 2015. The individual champion (& co-champions) will receive free entry to MCA’s Maryland Open 2015 on 05.01-03.2015.


      • Round 1 for all sections: 10 AM. Subsequent rounds: as soon as possible. Lunch break will be given to all sections.
      • The sections below are listed:
            • primarily in descending order of rating strength;
            • secondarily in descending order of grade range.
      • Players rated 100 - 399 or unrated may play either in Intermediate or in Novice.
      • Players who register for the lower section for which they qualify, enhance their ability to win an individual trophy.


      • Rated 800+
      • Grades K - 12
      • Trophies: top 3 individuals & top 1 team
      • 3-SS, G/45 inc/30 (3-round Swiss system, 45-minute game per player & 30-second increment per move)


      • Rated under 800, or unrated
      • Grades K - 12
      • Trophies: top 7 individuals & top 1 team
      • 4-SS, G/45 d/5 (4-round Swiss system, 45-minute game per player & 5-second delay per move)


      • Rated under 400, or unrated
      • Grades K - 12
      • Trophies: top 5 individuals & top 1 team
      • 5-SS, G/30 d/5 (5-round Swiss system, 30-minute game per player & 5-second delay per move)

18 Trophies: 15 Individual & 3 Team

For more information about MCA tournaments, contact MCA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Registered Players (52 to date)

Tournament Registration Fee

      • $20 (Early), if completed by 11:59 PM, Sunday, 01.04.2015 (online or received mail)
      • $30 (Regular), if completed by 7 PM, Thursday, 01.08.2015 (online)
      • $40 (Last-Minute), if completed by 6 AM, Saturday, 01.10.2015 (online) (half-point bye possible in Round 1)
      • $50 (At-the-Door), 9 - 9:30 AM, Saturday, 01.10.2015 (only if space is available; half-point bye likely in Round 1)

Registration by Mail

      • Include: player's name, USCF ID #, USCF expiration date, section, grade, school, phone #, email address, & check (written in ink & made payable to Maryland Chess Association).
      • Mail to: Maryland Chess Association, Chris Kim, 3903 N. Charles St., Baltimore MD 21218-1733.

US Chess Federation Membership

      • Players must have a current USCF membership at USCF-rated tournaments; MCA tournaments are USCF-rated.
      • Players without a current USCF membership are ineligible to play and will not be paired. They will receive a half-point bye in Round 1 and 0-point byes in subsequent rounds, until they purchase a new USCF membership or renew an expired one. Half-point and 0-point byes reduce a player's ability to win an individual trophy and a school's ability to win a team trophy.
      • A USCF membership can be purchased online or by mail, along with registration for the tournament. If you’re purchasing by mail, then include: player's name, date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy), home address, gender, and USCF ID # (if available). Select 1 of the options listed below [ages refer to the member’s age on the day of the tournament]:
            • ages 1 - 12, $17, Scholastic: Regular (12 months), Chess Life for Kids (online)
            • ages 13 - 15, $22, Youth: Regular (12 months), Chess Life for Kids (online)
            • ages 16 - 24, $26, Young Adult: Regular (12 months), Chess Life (online)

Which Players Are Required to Record Their Games?

      • Players in grades 4 - 12 must record (notate) their games, unless they are unable to. K - 3 players in all sections are exempt from the recording requirement.
      • Recording affords several benefits:
            • it helps to resolve disputes;
            • it discourages cheating;
            • it enables players to improve their skills through post-game analysis.

Do Players Need to Bring Anything?

      • Players do NOT need to bring any equipment. MCA will provide all necessary supplies: boards, pieces, scoresheets (for recording), and pencils. (MCA’s pencils might be dull and do not have erasers. If you want a sharp pencil with a good eraser, then bring your own.)
      • Players do NOT need to bring a clock; however, we encourage them to bring one. A game may be started without a clock, if neither player brings a clock to the board. Clocks can be purchased at the tournament.
      • Food (pizza, candy, soda, etc.) will not be available for purchase at the tournament, but there are several nearby restaurants.

How to Register Online for an MCA Scholastic Tournament

Which USCF Rating Determines the Section(s) in which a Player May or Must Play?

MCA’s Scholastic Team Policy (exception: the team score is the combined score of the top 3 players)

MCA’s Scholastic Bye Policy

MCA's Refund Policy & Fees for Registration Changes

Tournament Announcements before Round 1 & Section Schedules

Procedures, Rules, and Etiquette for Players and Spectators at an MCA Scholastic Tournament

Increment Time Control for the Championship Section

Even when More Than 1 Player in a Section Can Achieve a Perfect Score, There Will Be No Major Variations; However, There Might Be Minor Variations. The following might be changed for any section, according to the number of players in the section: whether there are natural pairings (the norm at a Swiss-system tournament) or accelerated pairings in Rounds 1-2, and the number of trophies. In the rare instance of a section having an exceptionally low turnout, it might be merged with another section.

Tournament Results
Current Standings: Individuals (all individual scores in all sections on 1 screen) (live results updated every 60 seconds)
Current Standings: Teams (all team scores in all sections on 1 screen) (live results updated every 60 seconds)
Final Standings: MCA's Crosstables (tied players in order, according to tiebreak—ORDER of TROPHIES)
Final Standings: USCF's Crosstables (tied players in order, according to subsequent unpublished rating)

How MCA Determines the Individual Winner of a Section when There’s a Tie for First Place

How to Find a Player’s New USCF Rating after an MCA Scholastic Tournament

For further information, contact the Maryland Chess Association at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Chief Tournament Director: Chris Kim, USCF ANTD (Mobile Phone - 410-794-6312 - call/text)

Location Rockville Hilton