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10th Annual Greater Mid-Atlantic Scholastic Chess Championships
Saturday 03 February 2018, 09:30am - 05:30pm
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Open to all K - 12 players from anywhere

This tournament is sponsored by the Kasparov Chess Foundation.

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Poly High School) & Western High School
1400 W. Cold Spring Lane (off I-83)
4600 Falls Road (for local commuters east of Falls Rd.)
Baltimore, MD 21209

Skittles Rooms: Western HS's Cafeteria & Auditorium
Tournament Rooms: Poly HS's Cafeteria (adjoining Western HS's Cafeteria) & Room A-28 (top players only)

Recent History of the Tournament, Site, and/or Date

Section US-Chess Rating Grades Rounds Time Control Individual
Championship K-12 1000+ K-12 4SS G45 d5 * **
Championship K-8 1000+ K-8 4SS G45 d5 * **
Championship K-5 600+ K-5 4SS G40 d5 * **
Under 1000 K-12 100-999
or unrated
K-12 5SS G40 d5 * **
Under 800 K-8 100-799
or unrated
K-8 5SS G30 d5 * **
Under 600 K-5 100-599
or unrated
K-5 5SS G25 d5 * **
Under 400 K-5 100-399
or unrated
K-5 5SS G25 d5 * **


8:15 - 9:00 Parents, coaches, & players settle in the Skittles Room(s).
9:00 - 9:10 Pairing notification (texted, emailed, & posted).
9:10 - 9:20 Parents & coaches walk with players to their board in the Tournament Room(s).
9:20 - 9:30 Tournament announcements. (Parents & coaches are welcome to listen.)
9:30 Round 1 begins for all sections. (Parents & coaches return to a Skittles Room.)
Scheduled Rounds
Awards Ceremony
Championship K-12 9:30 11:30 1:30 3:30   5:30 — or sooner ***
Championship K-8 9:30 11:30 1:30 3:30   5:30 — or sooner ***
Championship K-5 9:30 11:00 12:30 2:00   3:30 — or sooner ***
Under 1000 K-12 9:30 11:00 12:30 2:00 3:30 5:00 — or sooner ***
Under 800 K-8 9:30 10:45 12:00 1:15 2:30 3:45 — or sooner ***
Under 600 K-5 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:30 1:30 2:30 — or sooner ***
Under 400 K-5 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:30 1:30 2:30 — or sooner ***


#SS # of rounds in which a player plays 1 game against an opponent determined by Swiss-system pairings (SS)
G# Base time: # of minutes per game (G) each player has to complete all of the player's moves
d# Delay time: # of seconds of delay (d) that elapse before a player's base time begins to elapse, when the player is on move
* Trophies: top ≈ 25% of players or players with ≈ ≥70% of available points (3.5+/5, 2.8+/4)
** Trophies: top ≈ 40% of teams or teams with ≈ ≥50% of available points (10+/20, 8+/16)—based on top 4 players
*** Each section's separate awards ceremony will begin ASAP after its final round has ended.


The individual & team winners (or co-winners) of each Championship section will be the 2018 Greater Mid-Atlantic Scholastic Chess Champion for that grade range.

Tournament-Registration Fee (choose additional fee, if player lacks a current US-Chess membership)

      • Register at the bottom of this page, starting 1 month before the tournament
      • $30—Tuesday, 2018.01.30, if completed by 11:59 PM (Early)
      • $45—Thursday, 2018.02.01, if completed by 11:59 PM (Regular)
      • $60—Saturday, 2018.02.03, if completed by 5 AM (Last-Minute: ½-point bye possible in Round 1)
      • $80—Saturday, 2018.02.03, 8 - 9 AM (At-the-Door: if space is available; ½-point bye likely in Round 1)

Radisson Hotel at Cross Keys is within walking distance (18 minutes) of the tournament site.

Registered Players & Wallcharts

      • Individuals (Attendees)includes players registered currently (updated automatically)
        After clicking on the link above, click on Attendees beneath a specific scholastic tournament. At the top of the page, enter into the Search bar the player's first or last name (but not both), or the purchaser's first or last name (but not both). Or, at the bottom of the page, change the # of players displayed to All ; sort by clicking on Player's Name, Purchaser's Name, etc.
      • Individuals (alphabetically)includes players registered by 2018.02.02 22:23—225 players
      • Individuals (by section)includes players registered by the date & time above
      • Teams (by section)includes players registered by the date & time above

US-Chess Membership

      • To compete in this US-Chess-rated tournament, a player must have a US-Chess membership that is current (not yet expired).
      • If a player has ever been a US-Chess member, then the player has a permanent US-Chess ID # that must be entered during tournament registration: player's US-Chess ID # and membership expiration date.
      • If a player lacks a current US-Chess membership, then select the 2nd type of Registration Type during tournament registration: Tournament Registration & US-Chess Membership (new or renewal). (Until MD Chess processes purchases of US-Chess memberships, a new member's US-Chess ID # will be listed as TBD [To Be Determined ] in the wallcharts listed above. MD Chess might wait until the day of the tournament to process those purchases.)
      • During the tournament a player who lacks a current US-Chess membership is ineligible to play, will not be paired in any round, & will receive a 0-point bye in all rounds, until the player purchases a US-Chess membership, by filling out MD Chess's US-Chess-membership form in the Tournament Directors' room.

Which Section is Right for Your Player?

      • Sections are listed primarily in order of rating strength & secondarily in order of grade range.
      • Players who have never competed in a US-Chess-rated tournament (the vast majority of unrated players) are not eligible for the strongest sections.
      • A player's eligibility by rating for a section is determined primarily by the player's official/published US-Chess rating during the month in which a tournament will be held. A player's official rating remains the same number throughout a month, because US-Chess calculates a player's official rating only once per month. That is, a player's official rating does not change during a month, because a player's official rating throughout a month is what the player’s unofficial/unpublished rating was on the 3rd Wednesday of the previous month. Conversely, a player's unofficial rating can change an unlimited number of times per month, because US Chess calculates a player's unofficial rating a few hours after the conclusion of every US-Chess-rated tournament in which a player competes. When registering a player for a tournament in month X, apply the player's official rating in month X. When registering a player for a tournament in month X+1, apply the player's unofficial rating on the 3rd Wednesday of month X. Click here for a player's official & unofficial US-Chess ratings.
      • Sections have a marginally flexible floor (at MD Chess scholastic tournaments), but an inflexible/hard ceiling (at all US-Chess-rated tournaments). If a player's official rating is below a section's floor, but the player's official rating is only ≤ 50 points below the floor and/or the player's unofficial rating is ≤ 50 points below, equal to, or any number of points above the floor, then the player may play up in that higher section—unless MD Chess's Scholastic Director and/or the Chief Tournament Director decide it's not in the tournament's best interests. (If a player uses the player's unofficial rating to qualify to play up in a section, then the player might be assigned that unofficial rating for pairing purposes.) However, if a player's unofficial rating is below a section's ceiling, but the player's official rating is above that ceiling, then the player may NOT play down in that section.
      • If a player is registered for a section for which the player is ineligible by rating, then (without notification) MD Chess will move the player to the lowest section for which the player is eligible.
      • If a player is registered for a section for which the player is ineligible by grade, then MD Chess will take 1 of 2 steps.

Which Players Are Required to Record Their Games?

      • Players in grades 4 - 12 must record (notate) their games, unless they are unable to. K - 3 players in all sections are exempt from the recording requirement.
      • Recording affords several benefits:
            • it helps to resolve disputes;
            • it discourages cheating;
            • it enables players to improve their skills through post-game analysis.

Do Players Need to Bring Anything?

      • Players do NOT need to bring any equipment. MD Chess will provide all necessary supplies: boards, pieces, scoresheets (for recording), and pencils. (MD Chess's pencils might be dull and do not have erasers. If you want a sharp pencil with a good eraser, then bring your own.)
      • Players do NOT need to bring a clock; however, MD Chess encourages them to bring one. MD Chess recommends the DGT North American digital chess clock ($36). Players may not refuse to play with a clock, if either player brings a clock to the board, or if a tournament director (TD) puts a clock on a game. A game may be started without a clock, if neither player brings a clock to the board.
      • Food (pizza, candy, soda, etc.) should be available for purchase at the tournament.

Registering for the Tournament

Playing at the Tournament

Results of the Tournament

MD Chess's PROVISIONAL Scholastic-Tournament Calendar 2017-2018

      • The tournament-announcement page of a tournament listed in MD Chess's PROVISIONAL Scholastic Tournament Calendar 2017-2018 might not yet appear at the top of MD Chess's home page, because that tournament is so many months in the future.
      • Nonetheless, one can access that tournament-announcement page by alternate means:
            • On the lower, left side of MD Chess's home page, click on MD Chess's calendar.
            • Click on By Month (at the top of the page) to display all tournaments within a month.
            • Click on All Categories (at the bottom of the page) to display all types of tournaments (major & local scholastic tournaments, major & local open tournaments)—as well as chess camps.
            • Navigate to specific tournaments.

MD Chess's Social-Media Profiles

If the tournament were to be rescheduled or cancelled, then MD Chess would contact you (by email and/or text) and post an announcement at the top of this tournament-announcement page. The tournament will proceed as planned, if MD Chess neither contacts you, nor posts an announcement about a rescheduling or cancellation. Please do not contact MD Chess about a site's hypothetical closing because of bad weather, etc. A site closing would be announced separately by the public school's city or county administration, the private school, etc. If the tournament were to be rescheduled, then MD Chess would issue a refund, if a player were to withdraw from the rescheduled tournament. If the tournament were to be cancelled, then MD Chess would automatically issue a refund to all players within 1-2 weeks; there would be no need to inform MD Chess of a player's withdrawal from a cancelled tournament.

For more tournament information, contact Maryland Chess at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Location Poly & Western HSs