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MD-Sweet-16 2017 Final Standings (2017.02.24)

3 years 1 month ago #365 by JohnDRockV
Why did MCA decide to grant this rare exception?  The...

by Chris Kim & John D. Rockefeller V

Welcome to the 2016-2017 qualifying season for the Maryland Sweet 16 2017 on 2017.03.04-05. Since 1995 this annual invitational tournament has featured 16 of the top K-12 Maryland players competing in a separate section of the UMBC Open at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The MD-Sweet-16 tournament-announcement page contains all tournament details, including qualification rules & Varsity-Points scoring rules. The MD-Sweet-16 Champion will receive a MD-Sweet-16 UMBC Chess Scholarship, valued at $45,056. (There are 2 additional types of UMBC Chess Scholarships for which high-school seniors from any state are eligible.)

7 of the 9 originally scheduled MD-Sweet-16 Qualifiers in this qualifying season have been completed, but there will be no more Qualifiers.  The standings are current through MCA Severn on 2016.12.03 & US Chess's March Supplement.

Even if the player did not compete in a Maryland-Sweet-16 Qualifier during the 2016-2017 qualifying season, a K-12 player who is rated 1600+ and is a MD resident (or a student at a school in MD), may qualify by rating for the MS16, if the player contacts MCA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 2017.02.16. 

Click below for the current MD-Sweet-16 Qualifiers, 2 Alternates, Backup Alternates, & Full Standings.


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  • sheldon47z5003
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3 years 1 day ago #366 by sheldon47z5003
Replied by sheldon47z5003 on topic MD-Sweet-16 2017 Final Standings (2017.02.24)
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